Your Negative Attitude Just Cost You Your Dream Job

You’ve lost count of how many places you have applied. You have not received any call-backs and you have rejection letters piling up. This would affect anyone’s attitude. It is normal to feel a little defeated and unsuccessful, but harboring feelings of resentment and rejection is seriously hurting your chances of success.

Why a negative attitude isn’t worth it

A negative attitude affects more than you may think and it may come across so subtly that you are not even aware of it. Your energy level, confidence, and passion are all affected. All of these are attributes that a potential employer is looking for. The people that get hired are the ones with drive and passion, who, through their words and actions, demonstrate enthusiasm. If your attitude shows that you don’t believe in yourself, then why would a potential employer believe in you?

A negative attitude may not always be obvious. One hiring manager pointed out that in interviews most candidates often start out very positive. The problem is that towards the middle or end of an interview, candidates slowly become more negative depending on the type of questions being asked. Their body language and facial expressions change, even if they are trying to remain positive in their words. The interviewer quickly senses that their true nature may well include a quick temper, lack of patience, or even depressive tendencies. A negative attitude is damaging and cancerous, and you may not even realize you’re falling into its trap.

Turning that frown upside down

So how do you turn that negative attitude into a positive one to ensure your success?

1. Be thankful in the face of adversity
If your negative attitude stems from getting recently laid off, realize that this brief stint of unemployment – compared to the 30-40 years you’ll spend working in your life – is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Looking back years from now, you will be thankful for the opportunity to grow in a new direction. So be thankful now, and let it show in your attitude.

2. Take a personal assessment
Ask friends and family if they detect a negative attitude in you. Make a list of all your strengths and accomplishments. Understand that your weaknesses can be improved upon, and bad past experiences and rejections can serve as learning experiences. All of this will help you focus on the positive.

3. Release some endorphins
Releasing endorphins in your brain can go a long way in turning negatives into positives. How do you release them? Regular exercise, no matter how brief, will do the trick.

4. Give, and you shall receive
Volunteering helps a person network, looks good on a resume, helps you focus on others and forget stress, may lead to a long-term opportunity, and, of course, helps a bigger cause. Give a little time, and your attitude will soon become positive.

5. Be goal-oriented
Put together a plan and a system of goals. Following a weekly/monthly plan and seeing on paper how much you’re doing will give you a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishments will create positive feelings and confidence; plus, when you actually write your goals down, the more likely you are to achieve them.

In conclusion

Practicing these techniques often can help turn you into a consistently positive person, building your confidence and happiness. The happier and more confident you are, the more likely you are to snatch up that dream job and be more successful.

A job search requires you to “sell” yourself, and a negative attitude is just an obstruction to the real you. Even if you have a bad day, remember all the positive selling points you have. People, even you, prefer to be around positive people, so keep up those positive vibes, and you’ll begin to attract the kind of people that will help you excel in interviews and find you your dream job. There are many things in life we cannot control, but fortunately, your attitude is not one of them!