Winsome eCommerce Tricks To Turn Cart Abandonment Into Sales

It is not a surprising notion that near about half of customers abandon the carts before making any purchase. Even though that’s a tough proportion to think of, considering that sales would have doubled if those customers have actually purchased, there’s no straightforward or easy approach to prevent that. However, one of the great mistakes for retailers is letting their abandoned customers go without trying to catch back their attention one more time. Despite knowing that most of them won’t come back, there’s no harm in trying to persuade them in a friendly way which might convert them into steady buyers. However, there’s need for a specific plan or strategies to reverse the minds of abandoned shoppers and make them loyal customers. Discussed here are some of the proven hacks for eCommerce retailers to turn their cart abandonment into successful purchases.

#1 Holding back the items in the cart

The first and simplest way to regain back the customers is letting them know that you are still holding their preferred items in their shopping carts. For better results, eCommerce owners can retain the selected items in customer’s cart for more than a week so that they could see their chosen items pending for final checkout every time they log into the website. This may keep them reminding about what they are missing out until they are really tempted to make the final purchase.

#2 Sending a recovery or reminder email

The power of emailing in marketing can never be underestimated and this in one point where email target works absolutely great. Sending friendly emails to the abandoned shoppers reflect the concern of the shopping companies for their dissatisfied customers. This leaves a positive impression on their minds and might lure them to purchase. A simple email with subjects like “Oops! We found your cart is awaiting for checkout.”, “Having issues in checking out?” or a reminder subject line like “Look back into your cart before your things run out” will do great in holding back the attention of buyers again.

#3 Retargeting with custom services

Email targeting might be the most effective strategy, but retargeting approaches are equally fine. Prices and products sometimes lag behind the quality of services in eCommerce and that’s where retargeting approaches may be a win-win strategy. Retailers can offer free shipping, easy returns and exchanges, free goodies which are direct retargeting approach. Whereas, as an indirect strategy, they can use a Javascript code that places cookies on the customer’s browsers which will make advertisements of their website’s products visible wherever they visit on the web.

#4 Offering alluring discounts and price comparisons of abandoned products

Customers are always crazy for discounts, no matter what they are buying and from where! Thus, it is wiser to use this behavioral tendency of buyers to gain them back in case of the abandoned cart. eCommerce owners can send back notifications or email to customers disclosing great discounts on the same items that they left in the cart. Further, they can provide prompt price comparisons for same products on other sites, to prevent the buyers from switching to other online substitutes.

The idea of drawing back abandoned customers is quite simple. When someone abandons a shopping cart, retailers are not losing the sale permanently. Instead, they got some new prospect to convert it into a successful sale. This manifests that initial visits of customers are just “consideration” visit for them, and so retailers can push them for subsequent visits with retargeting for assured conversions.