Time Clock Software in the Electronic Age of Human Resource Management

Electronic resources for human resource management are on a steady rise. Applications are emerging to help recruit, train, and track employees and applicants and track and administer accrued benefits. A recent search revealed emerging software that assists in resume screening, competency management, talent recruiting, talent management, and applicant and resume tracking. This is just a sample of all the programs available to make human resource management easier. This host of applications can simplify the job of an HR manager and boost the efficiency of important HR processes.

One time-saving application that continues to evolve is time clock software. This software is transforming employee time tracking from a time-intensive, manual process to an easy, automated function that almost takes care of itself. Gone are the days when payroll involved getting all of the employees to keep accurate time sheets, gathering them to the right place at the right time, and spending hours reading through them and combining the data to figure out payroll.

Time clock software eliminates much of this work by keeping all of the records in one place. All employees have to do is enter a password when they clock in and out. Management can see all employee times at a glance and make manual adjustments as needed. Many time clock software packages also track accruals like sick time and vacation time, making them a huge time saver.

Some of the newest innovations in time clock software are extending its use to companies whose employees do not work at a computer. Examples include fingerprint scanners and other devices that allow employees to clock in without being at a computer station. Also, some computer time clocks integrate in the cloud, allowing employees to log in on a phone or tablet so that they can track hours even when they are not in the office. Even a single computer with a simple time clock software could benefit a company with a large workforce. Placing a computer or two at the entrance/exit from the work floor would allow employees to quickly enter their password as they begin and end their shifts.

While larger businesses have whole departments dedicated to employee time and payroll, small companies often have a single person taking care of multiple important operations. Using a computer time clock to prepare reports for payroll can free up critical time for the primary operations of the business.

In the age of electronic human resource management, having an employee time clock software just makes sense. When it comes to managing a workforce, there are much more important things to do than spend hours doing what a machine can do just as well, if not better. So why not let computers track employee time so management focus on meeting their needs and ensuring that HR policies are helping to achieve the strategic goals of the business?

Many time clock software offerings come with a free trial period, so you can try one out and see how well it will work for your business. TimeClick is one such offering. It comes with a full-version, 30-day trial available through a quick download and an easy install. Try it out and discover how easy payroll can be when you let time clock software prepare your employee time reports. Keep an eye out for TimeClick’s newest version, which is expected to be released before the end of the year.