Teaching Kids About Money And Success

Teaching kids about money is something few parents are doing these days. If we want our kids to be successful in life, we need to teach them about money – how to make money and how to manage money.

There is a great resource by Dani Johnson called Grooming the Next Generation For Success. I highly recommend it. I don’t get anything for recommending this resource. I just think our kids are growing up on video games and television – practically wasting their creativity and talents.

Teaching kids about money will help them feel a confident about themselves. They will be empowered to make better decisions in life instead of just “winging it” throughout life.

We also need to teach our kids communication skills, good work habits and ethics and relationship skills. The problem is, most adults don’t possess these skills so they are only teaching their kids what they know or leaving it up to the schools and televisions to “raise their kids” for them..

I think the younger we commit to teaching kids about money, success and life skills, the better equipped they will be in their young adult years instead of struggling through life.

Our kids are growing up without proper respect for authority, eating unhealthy “food” – candy and chips and no understanding about how to choose wisely. No understanding about how to delay gratification.

If the parents are disorganized, eat unhealthy, don’t exercise, smoke, drink etc..how on earth do we expect our kids to learn the proper life skills.

Here is another resource I highly recommend – Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge.

In this book Jeff talks about the little decisions and disciplines we choose on a daily basis that either lead us to success or to failure.

Our lives are an accumulation of all the little decisions we’ve made up to this point. If we don’t like the total result, then we can start re-creating a new life by choosing better each moment and not adding more negatives to our lives.

We need to teach these things to our kids early so they can form good habits early enough so they are not “undoing” or “recreating” their lives and living with regrets.

Teaching our kids about money and success should be taught in the school system. Instead, they are being fed a lot of useless information they will never use in the real world.

I don’t now about you, but I don’t want my kids to go through life struggling and “winging” it. I am teaching my kids the skills they need to have great relationships, careers, businesses and life itself.

By the way, if you’ve experienced a ton of failures up to this point in your life and you would like to learn how to turn it all around in the next 6 months, visit the site below in my resource box.