Starting a Muslim Internet Home Based Business

Before starting a Muslim Internet home based business one should be very clear about his business targets, because firstly, the business is related to products that are to be used in Muslim rituals or cultural activities; secondly, the business is to be run online. So the options are already narrowed down.

As for the products used in Muslim rituals, one has to choose them first. They can be mats, rosaries or knitted caps used during prayers. They can also be ingredients used in Muslim cuisine. So while starting this type of Internet home based business one needs to open a website, or a blog, and place advertisements of these things, preferably with images and price tags so that customers can choose and compare. However, this enterprise cannot be entirely supported by the Internet system. The web can help the trader reach out to his customers across the country or the world through the online advertisements and catalogs of items used in their culture. But the online trader also has to make arrangements for delivering these products to the customers as per their orders placed online.

A Muslim home based business on the Internet can also deal in digital versions of holy texts, prayer texts, theological explanations by experts, cultural analysis and so on. This Internet trade can be popular because this has the potential to attract an international clientele. The Muslims of different countries interested in accessing or downloading these digital texts have to pay online. The trader will get the payment in his account sitting at home.

However, since the clients will be mostly Muslims, and will be based in such countries where Internet censorship is very strict, the trader should ensure that no offensive content or advertisement or link is posted in the website. Also, the textual resources should be authenticated. The translations of holy texts should also be very accurate. In this way, the website containing Muslim cultural texts can be made popular in these countries as well. This could mean that even scholars pursuing Islamic studies will also be interested in using these websites.

There are, however, certain problems in running a home based Muslim Internet business. The clients of this business are mostly people of this faith, so the expansion of the trade will be less. Muslims are located internationally, but in many countries they are a religious minority. So to spread the business further, it is always a good idea to make a tie-up with institutions and bag a contract for the supply of items used in prayers and education.