Manual For Disaster Management For Online Businesses

There are many disasters that can happen to any business. Not having a good disaster recovery plan can hurt the continuity of your business. Disasters can be caused by external factors, environmental factors and security factors. In this article you will learn how you can manage these factors for an online business. These strategies can also be applied to any other business.

Environmental factors can’t be controlled. An example of an environmental disaster is the Ash Cloud caused by Iceland’s volcano. This ash cloud made it impossible to travel to your business meeting by plane. The best you can do too manage this disaster, is to have backup plans. For example, you can reschedule the meeting, or make sure that you have enough time to take the train.

Security factors are the number one way to prevent disasters. Managers should include security disaster management into the business development, rather than as a separate process. Security incidents cost more than a billion dollars alone, according to Symantec. Financial damage is not the only damage your business will suffer. Trust in your brand name can decrease significantly. Remember the TJX Companies Inc. case? 94 million credit card details were stolen by hackers.

The only way to prevent this is to school your employees. Make them resistant against social engineering and make sure that their passwords are unique. Password recycles attacks account for more than 40% of the incidents. Design each system with security in the back of your mind, or hire penetration testers. While this doesn’t result in direct profit, it will reduce the liability risk significantly.disaster management