How to Avoid Depression During a Job Search

I’ve mentioned before that our mind is a very powerful tool and by creating your goals and visualizing your dreams every day you will fight your way out of the unemployment.

Your mind will keep working until it finds the solution as to how to reach your goals.job search

So, first rule: visualize your goals and dreams every day. Spend few minutes doing it.

Second rule: learn something new and positive every day. It may correspond with your job search or with gaining necessary skills, it may not, but you’ll pre-occupy your brain with new information, which gives it something to do and it will keep your attitude cheery and positive.

Third rule: if you want to avoid depression in general do not stay in your house all day glued to your email and job boards. Get out even for 10-15 minutes, walk to buy a newspaper, talk to street vendors selling you your cup of coffee or meet a friend for a lunch. My point is this: you will get some exercise which will make you happier and you’ll also feel a part of the community in your area. Both activities are important to keep your depression at bay.

Forth rule: avoid negative, depressive news. I don’t suggest you ignore completely what happens around you, but instead of concentrating on how bad things are (which major TV networks usually do) find something positive that people do every day, read or watch personal success stories, for example. Believe me, it will make you feel better and more hopeful.

Fifth rule: fill your day with little jobs and tasks. Help you relatives and friends with their projects, volunteer, etc. In the end of the day, you need to feel like you are still part of the workforce, that you still do something. Helping others is extremely empowering, and that kind of self-confidence and feel good attitude will differentiate you from other candidates during job interviews.avoid depression

Sixth rule: treat yourself well. It means, eat healthy, wholesome food, listen to the music you like, keep yourself tidy and organized, clean your place regularly. Do not get sloppy and do not let go.

As you see all these rules are just rules of common sense. Yes, you are jobless at the moment, but this doesn’t mean full stop for your body and mind – keep them occupied and organised, avoid negativity and depressive thoughts and feelings, make yourself as busy as possible with various things, visualise what you want every day, and you will succeed!