How Office Cleaning Services Leave a Visible Impact on Customers

Cleaning Services – The maximum that “first impressions are lasting impressions” may sound clichéd but it is nevertheless replete with wisdom. A customer who walks into an establishment that is neat and clean is immediately impressed by the visible efforts to keep an organised office.

The conclusion he reaches is that the company must be one which is meticulous in its dealings and conduct of business. Office cleaning services make your establishment sparkle with warmth. And transmit a sense of textbook smartness and cleanliness adding a substantial value to the business.

  • Clean Environment:

Your employees are budget to be physically present for around 40 hours every week in the office. Probably more, given the escalating competition for employment, ramped up demands of management and individual keenness to climb the corporate ladder.

Working in an environment that has not been duly sanitize. Is nothing but an invitation for the spread of illness among human resources. This is a double whammy causing, on the one hand, a spike in the outlay on medical benefits for the affected employees and, on the other hand, an increase in employee downtime, leading to the attendant risk of delays in project implementation. Cleaning services must, therefore, be reckon as an integral contributor to overall business productivity.

  • Frequency:

There is no room for two opinions with regard to the frequency of office cleaning. The occupational density per square foot in commercial spaces is far higher than in residential environs. Add to that, the deficit in personal ownership for maintaining a clean environment. And you are left with scarcely any alternative, but to contemplate a daily cleaning arrangement.

  • Time:

The time that will be take for provision of the daily service must also be factor into the arrangement. Needless to say, no business establishment would like to have its business hours disrupted by cleaning staff.

Generally, cleaning services providers work in early morning time slots. In such a way that they are off the office premises before even the early birds start trickling in to kick start their day.

Ordinarily, 2 hours is adequate for office cleaning. The space to be clean is not a factor in the time taken but determines the complement of workers who would be deputed for the assignment. Once the working hours commence, only a skeleton staff will be retain in the premises by the service provider.

This personnel will remain till the closure of regular working hours to provide cleaning of the washrooms once in every two hours. And for cleaning up the pantry and any spillages as and when necessary.

  • Scope of Services:

The services will encompass cleaning of the surface areas of the whole office premises – workstations, pantry, washrooms, record rooms, etc. All furniture, fixtures, fittings, appliances such as fans, tube lights, taps, wash basins, mirrors, window glass panes, sinks, telephones, computers, tables, chairs, etc. will be wipe clean.

The cleaning service will be provided by a specialist team. That will ensure the use of friendly disinfectants and bio-degradable chemicals depending upon whether the surface. That is to be clean is of steel, ceramic, plastic, wood, etc.