How Can Networking Help You Get Your Dream Job?

Your Dream Job – The word is out, the buzz is deafening…the economy is in a slump. What does this mean to you? How does this effect your job search? It’s no surprise that a lot of people are concerned that companies are not hiring in these times. While there may be some truth to this, a successful job candidate will look past these obstacles and realize that traditional approaches to a job search are not the only means of obtaining the career you want.   Traditional approaches, like perfecting your resume or making sure that your references are in line, are very useful and important, but they have their time and place. Nowadays, a little more perspective is required, and that is where networking comes in.

What is networking and how can it affect your job search? Networking is a means to an end. Networking means that you are utilizing your contacts to ultimately achieve the goal that you are aspiring for. This concept can be applied to any part of your life. But its buzz has been steadily increasing in the job and recruiting market. Think of social networking sites like LinkedIn and Naymz. These sites have seen their members grow exponentially in the past year because people are finally getting the picture.

The picture that I’m talking about is thinking outside of the box. Organizations like fraternities have been teaching this concept for years. And it has proved nothing but beneficial for them, however, it seems like the lesson was missed on the greater part of the population. Networking is so unbelievably powerful that it can sometimes make or break you. Think about how much power lies in Larry Ellison’s administrative assistant’s rolodex! How would you like that kind of power?

The beauty is that the power is now yours to have. It no longer lies in the hands of the corporate big wigs out there. Not all jobs are post on huge websites like Craigslist, CareerBuilder, or Monster. Many times you can be ahead of the curve, and can hear about an amazing job opportunity through the grapevine. Talk to your friends. Tell everyone you know you are job hunting. And you would be surprise at the positions you hear about before they go to market, for lack of a better term.

Registering in the social networking sites like LinkedIn can have an amazing effect. You have the ability to show prospective employers your impact on businesses before you have even sent them your resume! Recruiters and employers routinely search these sites for potential employees all the time. Learn to collect business cards and names, but take it a step further than that. Show people that you have a genuine skill set that will ultimately benefit them and will prove to be a win-win situation.

Having contacts is so powerful, and there there can be no negativity that comes from it. The amazing part about this is that all the power lies in your hands. Take the initiative and actively get the job you want rather than be passive and only submit a resume. Learn how to combine new and innovative techniques with the older and proven methods. If you tap into your intrinsic ability to achieve your goals, then there is no limit to your potential.