Generate Your Own Leads With This Innovative Job Search Technique

Generate Your Own Leads With This Innovative Job Search Technique,so you are “a job search“, huh? You’re doing all the right things like scanning the paper and hitting up all the big job boards on the web, correct? Oh, and surely you’ve contacted all your peeps, friends and acquaintances…you know, you’re networking? Resumes are flying around like leaves on a windy day and you’ve written so many custom cover letters that you see them in your sleep…would you say you’re in “job search mode”? Consider some of these suggestions to take it to the next level.

When you find yourself looking for work in today’s job market you can’t just get up in the morning and spend an hour mulling over the latest job postings and maybe sending out a few resumes. Certainly you need to do this but that is just the beginning. Your job search needs to be forever in the forefront of your mind as you go about your day. Opportunities and new ideas are always there, you just need to learn to identify, nurture and weave them into real prospects. Innovative

Let’s assume you have a particular skill set whatever that may be and you have naturally targeted that industry in your quest for a job. After a few weeks you may feel you have exhausted your niche and applied for every position there is in your field. Maybe you have for that matter. It’s time to open up your mind and take another look around. After you’ve done all the daily leg work, with your job hunt in mind, really start your day and hit the streets.

As you step out into the world, whether you walk, ride the bus or drive a car, be conscious of the businesses you pass, all of them. Take note of workers you see. Whether they are related to you field or not select one specific business and try to imagine their vendors or other businesses that they might have relationships or share services with. Try to formulate a web of related business in your mind. Think of the specific names of the companies in this web. Now take each one and ask yourself how might your skills align with this company however remotely? Hopefully by doing this you will be generating your own leads! Perhaps companies and maybe even things you never considered doing will occur to you and spark interest. Who knows, maybe you’ll find you are interested in a whole new field!

The beauty of this job search technique is that you can do it anywhere, any time. Turn on the t.v. and analyze commercials for ideas. Walk downtown and take a looking at each store front, or even a directory of businesses in a skyscraper. Open up the phone book and spin a related business web. Follow up on these self generated leads by researching these companies on the internet or stopping by in person. Inquire about positions and/or submit resumes.

By keeping your job search in the front of your mind you can easily generate your own leads. The related business web technique described here is a great way to take the extra step when you feel you’ve done all you can. By using your head you can find a job that you never even thought of before. Be creative and the opportunities will show themselves to you. Innovative