Furnishing and Organizing Your Garden Shed

So, you just finished building a beautiful garden shed for your backyard and are now ready to move in all your gardening implements before the cold weather arrives. How should you best organize the garden shed so that you can enjoy and use the space most effectively? Here are some great ideas to help you furnish and organize your new (or old) garden shed.

1) For seeds, create or purchase a seed box. Nothing is more frustrating come early spring having to go through piles of disorganized seed packets. Take advantage of end of the year rummage sales and flea markets to find a nice galvanized steel box that you can use as a seed box. Or, look online at popular garden retailers. You should be able to find a suitable seed box for well under $20, and it will be worth every penny you pay.

2) You can never have enough containers. Well, maybe you can, but your garden shed is a great place to store some beautiful ceramic or pottery containers (skip the plastic ones, if you can). Since many garden supply shops have great discounts on these in the fall, try to snap up at least a few if you can. You will not regret it.

3) Install pegs and hooks, all over. You will greatly appreciate having hooks on the walls of your garden shed to hang everything, from gardening tools, to gloves, hats, smocks and much, much more.

4) Get some wicker baskets. If you are a gardener, you know how useful these can be to collect produce and flowers. These are another one of those items that you will seem never to have enough of in your shed, so stock up now if you can. Thrift stores are often a great place to get good deals on used wicker baskets, often for under $1 each.

5) A potting bench. If you take your gardening seriously, then your shed will be a great place to put a potting bench. The compartments on the bench will help you further organize items in your shed, and it will make the time spent in your garden shed much more enjoyable.

6) Shelving. If you can find some beautiful salvaged shelving, it will add even more character to your garden shed. Or, if you are handy with a hammer, you can try building your own shelves to specification, to ensure they fit your new shed perfectly.