Do Hardwood Flooring Lengths Really Matter?

You already decided to erect that apartment, but your mind is still wondering about what kind of floor is suitable for your residence. Most probably, you have thought and decided on wood flooring; and to be precise, hardwood flooring which is solely derived from timber. It is made from hardwoods such as oak, acacia, and bamboo. This kind of flooring is divided into two types, and they are: engineered and solid, they are treated with different finishing depending on its purpose and face of the floor required.
Choosing this type of flooring for your apartment can be complicated; there are several paramount things you should take into consideration including acquiring the right hardwood that best suits your needs. Additionally, it is essential to know how the flooring companies you have chosen for your apartment pick the flooring length and if they matter.
Board Lengths
Board lengths matter indeed. They play the most vital role in ensuring that your hardwood floor looks appealing and professional to the eye. Sadly, you find that many manufacturers and hardwood suppliers don’t display board lengths in a way that they can be easily accessed by consumers. Perhaps, you will need to research or ask them how they work.
Long lengths are the most preferable than the short boards, they play a significant role in creating a remarkable visual, uniformity around your space, and they are more alluring than shorter board lengths. Additionally, long board lengths are substantial in wide plank floors, and they look more beautiful in small spaces. While with short ranges, the floor level will seem choppier.
Why does Wood Flooring Lengths Matter?
• Design
Who doesn’t want their floor to look original and beautiful? With wide plank flooring, long lengths are paramount; it draws attention to your floor. In case your apartment is for business, it will attract clients as it will look professional and worth. Your entire place will look serene and comfortable with any enterprise for your tenants. Therefore, if not well thought of, lengths can affect the quality, design, style, and prices of everything.
Lengths also help in elongating the space of your apartment, if longer lengths are used in flooring, the number of butt joints can be drastically reduced dependent on the size of the floor. Long boards give a clean and consistent design for wide and narrow widths. Additionally, it affects the method of cleaning; uniform floor can be cleaned with ease.
• Quality
A board is characterized by its original wood contents such as mineral streaks and knots. For high quality and sleek planks, these marks are reduced by manufacturers, although at the end they create shorter pieces, these shorter planks will make your floor look patchy.