Continuity Disaster Recovery – Prepared Means Money

Disaster Recovery If a major disaster would ever happen, how secure are you in the fact that your business would be able to keep running and providing people with what they need? There are things that you can do to assure that if an event like September 11th would happen again, you would have things in enough order that you’d never have to close your business doors. Let’s say for example that you have a restaurant. Your restaurant just so happens to be close to where the horrific event took place, would you be OK to remain open?

If you said yes, than good for you. From a business perspective Continuity Disaster Recovery is one of the best things that you can do for your business. No I do not mean keep your business open and charge more money because you know people would pay it. This is not only illegal but it is also a way to ensure when things settle back down that you will be out a lot of customers. People need to feel normal again, after a disaster. If you keep your business open, never changing the prices, the hours, or the service, than you will give people back their feeling of safety.

Long after the disaster is over, people are going to remember your business as the little bit of normalcy in the nightmarish events. Your customer base, will grow constantly because people in the community will realize just how dedicated that you are to making them happy, and they will continue to come to you.

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