5 Industries That Need Uninterruptible Power, Business Disaster Recovery

While many businesses can recover from brief power outages, there are some industries where such outages can cause massive problems. Without a constant flow of electrical current, their systems would fail to operate. If that were to happen, the results could have a long-lasting, ruinous impact. Most of the companies and organizations in these industries have taken precautionary measures to limit their exposure to such outages. A common solution is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides a continuous current when utility power is inaccessible. Below, you’ll discover 5 industries in which uninterruptible power is critical.

#1 – Nuclear Power Facilities

These facilities require systems that constantly manage the levels of turbine power, radioactivity and other factors. The infamous 1986 Chernobyl accident was the result of a test. The test being performed that eventually lead to the catastrophic results was to check how long the turbines would run if the primary power source suffered an outage.

#2 – Hospitals

Because hospitals care for those who are sick, wounded or afflicted with severe conditions, they need a continuous power supply. Without it, the results could be deadly. Surgical procedures would stop in progress. Machines upon which people depend (for example, kidney dialysis units) would fail to work properly. Hospitals use generators and other power supply solutions to eliminate this risk.

#3 – Brokerage And Trading Firms

Companies that are susceptible to volatile market conditions on a daily basis need uninterruptible power to maintain connectivity to the market. For example, bond trading firms, stock brokerage companies and oil traders can potentially lose millions of dollars if they lose access due to a prolonged power outage.

#4 – Schools

Many schools (from grade schools through universities) don’t employ a secondary source of electrical current. Whether it’s due to budget constraints or other reasons, the results of a power failure can leave the staff and student body incapacitated. That might include elevators not working properly, lights being unavailable, or computer networks being inaccessible. Because of the wide impact, schools should implement an uninterruptible power solution.

#5 – Government

Were the government to sustain a prolonged loss of power or electrical current, the results could be disastrous. The computer networks that are deployed for the IRS, CIA, and other branches of the government must have continuous connectivity. This is also true for state and city governments as well as global organizations such as the United Nations.

When Power And Connectivity Are Critical

Though we often take our access to utility power for granted, most of us intuitively realize that such access is not entirely dependable. Moreover, loss of that power can have a massive impact for certain types of businesses and industries. When a constant electrical current is essential, a reliable source of uninterruptible power should be deployed to manage the exposure.